Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Great Irish Women - on the telly

You may remember Susan Jocelyn Bell from my Great Irish Women series. A hugely lauded and accomplished scientist, Susan discovered pulsars when she was only 24 years old.

Well BB1 Northern Ireland is showing a programme about her this evening, sorry I meant to blog about it before now, at 10:45pm 'Northern Star'.

Astrophysicist Susan will talk about the impact of her massive discovery, being a woman in the science field and more I am sure.

Now the real question is whether or not Nanny will allow me to watch the show. Seriously I have to fight over the remote control. But seeing as how the apprentice is on shortly and she LOVES the show, as do I now thanks to herself and Tetra, so maybe I will get to watch about our own Nobel Prize winner.

Okay okay she didn't win the prize but it was her discovery that won the prize and that is as good as in my book.

Oh and I hope Kristina wins The Apprentice. I thought that other eejit woman, Katie, was an absolute talker with no substance whatsoever. 'Global Brand Consultant', yeah yeah, for the Met Office. How does that work? That title to me reeks of 'Refuse Technician' for 'Bin Collector' to me. The guy Simon inspires nothing in me, I thought he was sh*te, all talk again with crazy ideas, likeable though.

Anyway do check out Northern Star on BBC1 at 10:45pm. Right I'm off to watch the Apprentice.

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