Monday, June 11, 2007

Young Wan's Junior Cert Diary - Day 4

Day 4 - Geography, Maths 2

I got a bit of studying done over the weekend. I spent my time switching back from maths to geography and I think I got a good lot done. Before the maths exam everyone was going crazy trying to remember theorems and trying to get the sin, co sin and trigonometry down. That made me feel very nervous and I was mostly revising for trig as I wanted to get at least 50 marks down.

Geography: It was funny because the night before I was looking at and it was about fold mountains. The exact same stuff came up on the exam and I was delighted. It was only worth about nine marks but it was part of a whole question.

We had a question on ordinance surveys and I didn't choose that as I forgot how to do it and picked the other questions instead. One was a photo that we had to draw a sketch map of and outline stuff.

The only thing that really annoyed me was the layout of the paper, which was nothing like the mocks. In the mocks we only got one paper and in the Junior Cert we got two sections.

Maths 2: I think I did well on the first question and question six. The other questions were about finding the area and we are allowed the formula, I tried my best to work them out. Overall it was fine, it could have been worse.

Overall: So so

Tomorrow: History, French


Anonymous said...

keep at it young wan you're doing just fine. Just think while you're studying during typical exam weather, the holidays are-a-coming.


Boliath said...

Well done YW, sounds like you're doing fine. Keep it up, not long to go now.

Red Mum said...

Nearing the home stretch home, actually as I write there is 12 hours to go before its all over. Thank God.