Monday, June 11, 2007

Young Wan's Junior Cert Diary - Day 3

We didn't get around to putting Friday's up until now, and I realise that if we don't put it up immediately the Young Wan completely and utterly forgets lots. Seriously how could you forget something so big so quickly. I had to eeeekkk this out of her with about 60 questions. Ah well, here's what she remembers from Friday.

Day 3 - OSSP/CSPE, Irish 2

OSSP: This was simple except I didn't know all the leaders to the political parties and my Mam went mad at me. The rest of it was a piece of cake. We had a selection of different topics like getting to know your neighbour and a mock election. I picked the mock election.

It was brilliantly, I wrote a page and a half on the tasks I would have to perform to make it work. I said that we would have to notify the students about it and ask our local TD about how to run an election and more stuff like that.

I also drew a poster, as part of the question. I wrote on the poster 'do you want to make a difference, VOTE'. So all round OSSP was fine.

Irish 2: This was also fine. We started with a reading comprehension and that was easy enough. It was just answering questions and answering your views on it, a bit like the English paper only in Irish.

There were questions on poetry and a novel, Dhialann Chaoimhe, we studied. Irish was simple but then it is an Irish school so you would hope so.

Overall: Friday was perfect.

Next: Maths 2, Geography

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Boliath said...

C'mere till I give you a clip round the ear. How could you, of all people, not know the leader of the parties? Ye big eejit ye. Am sure you aced the rest though, good girl. If there's a young wan in Ireland that should know how to run a political campaign, it's you.