Thursday, June 07, 2007

Young Wan's Junior Cert Diary - Day 2

Day 2 - Maths 1, Irish listening comprehension and Irish 1

I was really, really scared this morning, petrified in case I didn't know enough and would fail Maths paper 1. I left early and walked to school. Everyone was really scared too when I got to school. The vice principal opened rooms for everyone to study in so we did. He rang the bell and we went into the hall and took our places and I signed the exam papers to prove the examiners didn't open them beforehand. I felt very important :)

Maths 1: I opened the paper and knew the first question straight away, it was easy. But when I went on through the paper it got harder and harder and I just started answering bits and pieces of everything I knew. Then I went back in the last half an hour and went back over the questions I hadn't answered and wrote some stuff to hopefully get some marks. One of the sixth years forget her calculator for her exam and was nearly hysterical, I'd say she got one from somewhere.

Irish Listening: We were put into separate rooms for the listening comprehension and it was the easiest thing I have done since I went to the school, seriously it was so easy and it was higher level. ( Red Mum says: mmhh) It was so unbelievably easy it was great. We were the last class to finish so all the other classes had to wait on us to start the exam.

Irish 1: It was a reading comprehension, essay and conversation I had to write, to see how good my language is. I wrote about five pages altogether and it was fine. I was finished in about an hour and a half, the exam is two and a half hours, and I went over things for a bit and ended up leaving early because I was just sitting there. I don't think anyone stayed for the full exam, it was that simple. In other exams I won't have time to waste so there will be no leaving early.

I think they will try to shock us tomorrow with paper 2 because even someone with little Irish could have done paper 1.

Overall: Today was grand, Maths meh, Irish brilliant.

Tomorrow: OSSP/CSPE and Irish 2


Boliath said...

This is great YW & RM, thinking of you pet and wishing you well, glad things are going good so far.

Bo xx

K8 said...

Can I just say that I think this is an absolutely t'riffic idea- the diary of a junior-certer.. it should be in the papers:)

Best of luck in the next few days there Young Wan!

Coastal Aussie said...

Congratulations on everything so far, and best of luck for tomorrow ! Thinking of you both.

Neil said...

Leaving Cert Irish listening was ridiculously easy too (higher level also).