Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Young Wan's Junior Cert Diary - Day 1

STUDYING and other things permitting, the Young Wan and I are going to attempt a Junior Cert diary. She is going to talk to me and tell me about it and I am going to attempt to put it down true to her telling here.

Day 1 - English

Last night I wasn't nervous but I was this morning. It was hitting me, oh my god, my Junior Cert, this could affect my Leaving Cert and everything. I got up at 7am and looked over some of my English notes and then I left early and went into school to find everyone was there already.

We just sat about talking for a while waiting to register for the exams. Then we all got called up to the library with the Sixth Years where a nun from the school said special prayers for us, all the guys were laughing in the background and then the principal started going mad saying 'everyone who doesn't want to take the communion, just get out'. The whole of our year walked out, no one stayed and some of the sixth years walked out too.

We then went down to the hall to find our seats and I am on the third row. They started going on about how important this is and all the rules and one of the guys who looked really stern talked about mobile phones and that you can't turn them on and make sure they are off. His phone went off twenty minutes into the exam.

English 1

It was fine and is mostly about my personal writing, functional writing. It was okay only after a while my hand kept cramping up so I had to shake my hand a lot.

I wrote an essay with the title 'the day started the same as any other nobody could have known by that evening I would be ruler of the universe'. I wrote about my friend and I finding a magic goldfish with a funny Dublin accent that helped us become rulers of the universe.

I think my Mum would have liked 'the teenagers guide to life' in the personal writing section but I didn't do it.

English 2

The first question was about drama and I took the Shakespearian one from the Taming of the Shrew. It was perfect, great. I looked at the others but I didn't like the questions so I did the Shakespeare one.

The poetry was fine, it was a comprehension on the poem and I had to choose another one. The poem I choose was 'Stellar Manipulator' by Paul Durcan, one of my favourite poems and that also went fine. I had to describe why the title was interesting and say why it appealed to me, an easy option I think.

I wasn't too sure about the fiction as I was finding it hard to concentrate at this stage. I couldn't spell Roald Dahl and had to write it down a couple of times.

Overall: I am happy with today.

Tomorrow: Irish 1 and listening test, Maths 1

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Andrea said...

Go on, the Young Wan, a cracking first post! Good luck!