Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Great customer care

I HAVE always been a sucker for notebooks, like Bernie I have fallen for the moleskin which I only write in using a pencil so I can rub out my thoughts if they don't warrant being there in the first place. To date I haven't rubbed out anything more because I know I am being too precious about such a lovely thing than the fact what's in it is more nonsense than good.

I also love handbags. There is nothing nicer than a great handbag, for other women it is shoes but not me. I have also been known to choose a handbag because my notebook will fit in it, well what's the point otherwise.

In whatever I have done work wise I have always needed to juggle lots of different things, a good diary is everything I need to be organised. I don't know about Blackberries and all those other such like gadgets, a good diary beats all.

I had a great one last year bought in Reids and it was great. Made by Quo Vadis it was the business. A week over two pages with spaces for notes, an address book that inserted into the back and a notes booklet insert. I used it to write what I had done, was doing, need to do, places I needed to be, numbers, names, passwords, notes from meetings, ideas, doodles - it contained it all.


Protected with a sturdy but flexible faux-leather cover it took all sorts of batterings in my handbag over the year. And even now it looks respectable.

So I tried this year to get another one and only managed to get a pale imitation. I have tried to use it but it disappointed me every time I used it, it's flimsy pages, the horrible plastic cover, it's stiffness. There just never seems to be the room to do all I need. Even the Young Wan's cute penguin sticker failed to lift it.

I looked on the web and found an outlet in Bangor, County Down. What joy, I found my diary so I ordered one, paid for it online and went on about my business. About ten minutes later I got an email to say my payment was being refunded. A following email told me the lovely diary was out of stock but they were sending me an academic year diary for 2006-7 running out in August.


How's that for customer care, I haven't actually bought anything with them. So check out the site, here's the link.


jim said...

The flashing image of the blog awards winner image(well deserved) is very annoying and distracting and makes trying to read the blog very difficult without succumbing to a fit.

Red Mum said...

hhmm cant have that! Thanks. I wasn't sure if it was too in your face. I'll work out something else

The Humble Housewife said...

Have you tried Franklin Covey? Back when I was in the workforce (pauses to remember what partial sanity felt like) I used them all the time. There are so many different planner options and then again with the binders and bags... it can get addictive! :-) Then all you have to do is buy your planner refill each year! http://www.franklincovey.com

The Phantom said...

Before I switched to Google Calendar, I used Day Timers and was very happy with the quality of their products