Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Changes on Flickr

OOohhh Flickr has made a big change. If like me you depend on Flickr to organise, sort and archive your pics, then you will probably like this.

Before you could put pics into sets or albums if you like. Now you can also make collections of sets, as I have with all the different Dublin sets I have including sets like Dublin Zoo, Travels on the Bus, oh yeah and ehm Dublin, so I have grouped them together in an imaginatively named Dublin collection. I'll do a bit more thinking and more organising with this.

Not only that but you can also change the layout of your pages, I think, I did but it only worked with the first page. Once I hit the second page I am getting the three images across as before. However maybe this is a little glitch and it's not ironed out yet. If it's not I am not sure what the benefits of being able to change one page are.


Read more here on Flickr Blog. On another note I am thrilled to see I am about to hit my 50,000th viewer to my Flickr photostream.

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Bernie said...

Congrats on viewer 50,000. How about racing to 1,000,000? We could make this an Irish challenge and open a Flickr group that holds screenshots of our account summaries, showing visitors week-on-week.

John of Dublin said...

Good tip on the flickr changes.

50,000 hits! Wow, well done! You do indeed take great photos.