Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Blogging not colum-ing

I'VE been so busy this week that I have barely had time to feed herself! Course I am joking and refering to the story in the papers (free subscription required) this week. But as I am writing about that for my column this week I will leave it for another time.

Even though I have been mad busy and have sat down now to write my column so I am not under pressure tomorrow evening, I am not and instead am blogging about how busy I am. (Our office move took longer than expected and we are still waiting on a couple on phonelines and faster internet.)

So yeah I'm blogging and not column-ing.

Apart from being mad busy I also was out and about on Saturday, a glorious spring day, taking pics. Here are my favourites.

Viewing Dublin from Smithfield

Handy door

And of course there are more on Flickr.

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Flirty Something said...

Ok for the slightly dim, what is the difference between blog and column? are you professional journalist?

Red Mum said...

I know people in The Echo and they asked me to do a weekly parenting column. So I've been doing that for the last year and a half.

isadub said...

I love both photos. The first is sooo 'Corrie' while the second is so 'urban Dublin'. Great snaps!

BTW, where did you take the second photo? I wonder if it belongs to Art of Asbestos and his flickr site

kirstie said...

is that stoneybatter??

Red Mum said...

well spotted Kirstie that is Stoneybatter. It's mad to see the cityscape and that patch of roofs pops right out at you.

And isadub from these hands it could only be

Thanks for the link I spotted the van gogh posters about town, so its cool to know where they came from. Excellent.

Flirty Something said...

Gosh the Irish blogging community are a talented bunch! Well done you.

Boliath said...

Ach the poor wee childer, not getting proper nosh. Doesn't surprise me in the least, it's all I can do to fling something frozen in the microwave and zap it for the little man some evenings. I know it's dreadful and I do feel bad about it. I aspire to be one of those highly organised folk who cook all day Sunday and freeze dinners for the family for the week. Will never happen.

Love the 1st pic.