Thursday, March 22, 2007

She's electric

I am in the middle of moving in work from one premises to another temporary premises and it has been a mad week. Nanny is home and the flat is like a bomb hit it, no studying has been done - the less said about that the better and I spent half a day packing up my office clearing out so much stuff it is unbelievable.

Do you remember that mad concept a while ago about the paperless office, what a joke. And in fairness while I can read something on my computer screen, if I want to work from something that is on my screen I need to print it out and have a hard copy in front of me. So I am as guilty of rubbishing the 'paperless office' theory as much as the worst of us.

The amount of recycling bags, 70+ heavy bags, I think maybe more, the whole office rounded up, was unbelievable considering we have a company that comes once a month and collects our recycled bags. But we took the opportunity to clear out what was probably decades worth for some.

We were supposed to move on Thursday but the new phone system isn't ready so it has been delayed until Monday. While I have seen the new place already a couple of us couldn't resist going to the new place for a sneaky peak.

So off we went and we were in the door two minutes when I got my first static electricity shock. The next couple followed quickly until the final one as we were leaving when I went to turn off the lights. I touched the switch and there was a loud bbttttzzzzz. If the office was dark I would have lit us all up it was so big. The others with me went 'ohhhh'. They didn't get shocked of course, leave that to me.

After that I was somewhat scared to touch anything so ehm I didn't, though I have to say elbows don't work as well as hands. And this isn't the first time I have noticed this, there are particular shops I go into and regularly gets shocks from rails, lift buttons all sorts; even people. I have put this down to wearing trainers on particular carpets but then maybe the rubber soles should stop this. Am I mixing my physics up there? Anyway I get them all the time.

While we were supposed to be moved in on Thursday the problem with the phones meant a phone engineer was in fixing the problem and reported back a problem. Guess what it was? Yup mad static electricity.

Apparently redheads are more prone to this. He actually said it hits redheads more. Now I have never heard this before and could find nothing to back this up when I looked for it online. But hey it makes sense to me.

Cleaning the carpet is supposed to sort this out and I am hoping it will. Otherwise I am literally going to be buzzing around the place and being a danger to my colleagues.

So yeah I'm electric, Oasis once wrote a song about it, apparently :)

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cc said...

This brings a vague memory of a time in Carrickfergus when your hair stood on end and shortly thereafter there was a thunderstorm.

Do you rememember this or did I dream it? And what on earth were we doing in Carrickfergus!

Red Mum said...

LOL, jaysus CC, we were 13, I was playing hockey for school in a summer tournamentin Carrickfergus (called the Carrick 6s), your Dad picked me up cos my Mum got it all wrong - couldn't find me and was fit to kill.

We then drove to Butlins, Mosney that night in the middle of a mad thunderstorm(for those who may remember it was a Thursday night in 1984!!!, my big Bro threw a wobblie and stormed off, I was also blamed on this. We made it from Belfast to Butlins in one hour and 45 mins (a record then). Then there was a massive blackout in Butlins. But hey all this is a post in itself.

And yeah in the middle of the hockey match my hair stood on end, a portent of the evening ahead LOL

Red Mum said...

Oh and you weren't there in Carrick, it was your Dad, you must have have been listening well :)

Flirty Something said...

Ah, this makes a lot of sense. I am always sparking myself off lifts and railings.

Apparently, red heads also have different pain thresholds. So, I was told before I was knocked out in hospital.

RamblingMan said...

i got a shock from a potato once ! i shit you not. every time i walk up an escalator the next thing i touch, even someone else (in a non biblical way !) gives me a shock

cc said...

are you sure i didn't come with him to pick you up...i have an increasingly clear memory of whereabouts it was etc. thanks for filling in the gaps about the subsequent events! you've such a great memory!

Phil said...

i am also prone to generating static charges :(

Is it just me? said...

In New York with my husband a couple of years ago we decided to pop into Tiffany's for a browe.I'd been getting shocks all day..something to do with the skyscrapers and just as an assistant approached us my husband kissed me on the lips.EVERYONE jumped back! there was an actual blue spark..romantic? possibly.painful? definitely!.

Morrissey said...

I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. U.S.A. and I was watching 'Capital D' on and saw the special on your blog, along with two other bloggers. It caused me to start a blog this week.

Paige A Harrison said...

A work colleague and I once took the long nervous walk to the CEO's office to update on sales figures. She was a red head incidentally. More importantly, she'd a business suit that was most obviously of synthetic fabric and she shuffled her feet a lot. I believe she had spent an hour that morning blow drying her hair. As the board room office door opened to admit the petrified pair, my colleague touched a radiator. She immediately discharged causing her legs to collapse beneath her and as she fell to the floor apart from giving out a very loud "FUCK!", she scattered our presentation pack across the floor. Needless to say, we giggled hysterically our way through the presentation and were never invited again to brief the board!

aphrodite said...

She's Electric. The best Oasis song ever. And the paperless office? It was never gonna happen.

Salem MacGourley said...

Red - a bit of info: Apparently, redheads and blondes are more prone. Makes me safe.
Also, they do sell anti-static shoes..