Sunday, February 04, 2007

What is the chances of that?

ONE of my most favourite things at the weekend is to potter about in pyjamas cleaning and tidying, drinking lots of tea while sending the Young Wan for the paper and to Clarkes bakery on New Cabra Road which bakes the most amazing bread on the premises to buy one of their freshly baked loaves and a half dozen egg.

I love getting those eggs, they are huge with beautifully yellow yokes. They are certainly far removed from the auld anemic eggs you buy in supermarkets so I presume (and must ask) they come from a farm.

The eggs are laid out in tall layer of shelves and you pick your own out. I wrote once before about how the Young Wan picks the biggest she can find and as they are on average larger than supermarket large eggs.

Well the Young Wan surpassed her egg picking this weekend.

As there was nothing else in the house we were having French toast and scrambled eggs for breakfast.

I cracked open the first egg for the bread and out came a double yolk. Then I cracked open two more for the scrambled eggs and out popped four yokes.

That was yesterday and today I began a kinda Russian roulette while preparing breakfast this morning. Hovering over the eggs I decided on one, cracked it and guess what a double yoke, then I decided on the second, another yolk, then the third and you guessed it another double yolk.

What is the chances of that, I mean 12 yolks in six eggs, I should do the lottery today.

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aphrodite said...

Oh the joy of getting a double yoke!! I got one recently and myself and himself oohed and aahed over it in delight and astonishment! It was fried so we could appreciate its double yolkedness even in it's cooked form - you'll have to find out what farm those eggs come from!

Beccy said...

Mmmm wish I lived near the New Cabra Road.

The Great Wee Azoo said...

After a similar batch of double-yoked eggs, I came to the conclusion that some kind of genetic modification was at work, and went back to organic eggs. Problem solved.