Friday, February 02, 2007

Blogging on a train

THIS IS the business and a far cry from one of my other recent journeys to Cork, I am currently in a nearly empty carriage, I am listening to Snow Patrol on my laptop whilst blogging thanks to a nifty little cute yoke from vodafone.

A litle uploading on the train

As I am doing I am also sorting and tagging hundreds of work photographs, this is bliss. The sheer amount of time I would need to spend in work archiving the pics would be too long in relation to all the other things I have to do. So this little 3g device is a life saver.

On the train

At this moment we are pulling up into Limerick Junction and I have about half an hour before I hit Mallow where I am getting off.

I had a few problems with the modem at the beginning, well more than a few problems it just didn't work. Two phonecalls, two instore visits and one new sim card later I was ready to rock and roll. And it couldn't be easier to use just plug it into your USB port and then connect. There are times when it says that it can't find the device but I have just restarted the programme and everythings fine.

The little marvel

There have been times on this train journey when the light on the modem has indicated poor coverage but it is still thundering all, albeit slowly at times. (I can report that Limerick Junction has a great signal.) But overall I am delighted with it. As I expect to be out and about a bit over the next while this will keep me in touch via email, up to date on the news as well as helping me keep on top of my photographs.

I had hoped it would be powerful enough for me to use my Flickr uploader button but I don't think it is unless there is a strong signal. When I take pics for work I can be uploading hundreds at a time and the uploader button has made that possible. I can upload a few at a time and that'll have to do for now. But I'll work on that.

The intial cost outlay is €150 and then €40 a month after that. (I hope this reads okay, it is harder than it looks to type while speeding down a train track.)

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Coastal Aussie said...

That all sounds so very posh, modern, and more fun for you then your last trip on a train- which was very amusing though.

The Great Wee Azoo said...

For how many months to you have to pay 40 Euro? What's the total price?