Monday, February 05, 2007

Blogging on a train 2

ONCE again I was up at the crack of dawn, well it hadn't actually cracked yet at all to catch the 7.30am train to Kilkenny. The only thing I like about getting up this early is the chance of taking some pics.

As I write this the sun is trying desperately to break through the morning fog to little success but the colours and muted tones it is throwing over the landscape is gorgeous and I am listening (through earphones) to some great music such as:

Amy Winehouse - Rehab
The Statler Bros - Flowers on the wall
Janis Joplin - Me and Bobby Magee
Boomtown Rats - I don't like Mondays
Blue Oyster Cult - Dont fear the reaper
David Sylvian - Forbidden colours
Buffalo Springfield - For what its worth
Kraftwerk - Model
Otis Redding - Ain't no sunshine
Lily Allen - Smile
The Blues Busters - Soon you'll be gone
The Go-Betweens - Love goes on
Corrine Bailey - Put your records on
Asian Dub Foundation - 1000 Mirrors
Oasis - Half a world away
Sugababes (Daftpunk) - Hole in the head
Snow Patrol - Chasing cars

I'll post some pics later as the 3g connection doesn't appear to be very strong and while I have been able to upload some of this morning's pics which you can see on Flickr I haven't been able to grab the code to post any here or indeed go into organizr! Ah well you can't have everything.

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topgold said...

Words from a fellow 3G traveler: don't upload more than one image at a time to Flickr while wireless over an Irish phone network unless you have one megabit per second connectivity. I have issues with large batch downloads when using dial-up speeds wirelessly.

Red Mum said...

Ahh that would explain it, though its a pain in the proverbial.