Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Early morning at Heuston Station

AS promised here are some early morning pix from Heuston Station.

Just to verify the time, more for myself than anyone else


blackand white commuters

And as always there are more on Flickr.

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Travors said...

I used to get the train to school at that time.
Don't miss that!

Red Mum said...

There is something very unnatural Travors about commuting to work or school at that ungodly hour. At least when I up and about travelling at that time, it is not a daily thing. I think I would go mad if it was.

Anonymous said...

What time do you get up at? Last time I tried to wake you on a weekday morning I gave up after an hour!

Boliath xx

Red Mum said...

In fairness to me, you tried to waken me after we sat up all night, and on a school night. I believe we went to bed between 6 and 7am!

I do remember you brought me tea and when I was finally able to reach over and have a sup, it was viley cold :)

Besides you are mummy to a really young wan so sleep deprivation is not a distant memory to you :)

Red Mum said...

I wonder why you can't sign in and comment, that is a strange one.

Oh and I seem to remember I wasn't the only one you couldn't waken the bauld MC staggered up at the same time as me. (It was that time wasn't it?)

Red Mum said...

And I meant to answer your question, I woke up at 5am wide awake and wondered should I just get up there and then. Then the wave of nonsense which overtook me left and I slept until 5.45am.

Its one of those times where you know you HAVE to get up so your body kinda knows and helps, which is great :)

Claire said...

Nice photos Redmum, the platform in the second one looks like it goes on forever.

Sadly I get a 7:30 DART every morning and because I walk to the station I have to leave the house by 7am. You're right...it's unnatural but the sunrises are beautiful at least.