Thursday, January 04, 2007

RM December 21 - Teen Experiments

I WROTE recently about the Young Wan sporting a baldy-man comb-over as part of her latest look. Now its gotten worse - she actually cut a fringe herself and not well at all.

Now bear in mind Nanny is with us for Christmas and is a hairdresser. Yes in the Red Mum household all hairdos and restyles are held off on until Nanny comes to stay.

Why pay the prices of other hairdressers or indeed do it yourself when you have Vidal Nanny at home. Well that is the sensible thing and as we know teenagers don’t do sensible.

The trouble is that because she did it herself, badly, the layer above hangs long and wispily well below the new fringe.

I only noticed it after she had done it a while because she has been tying it up and out of the way. When I saw it I went bananas. Seriously when there is a hairdresser in the house, why would you do that?

And it isn’t the first time she has done this, no it is the third time. I am not talking about taking a lump out of a lock after finding scissors as a three-year-old, no the first time she did she was eight years old.

That cut was something else.

I noticed that time when I was brushing her hair and as I swept her hair behind her head I could not work out why one side of her beautiful long hair kept slipping from my hand.

I spun her around and came face to face with an eight-year-old red-haired Phil Oakey from the Human League circa 1981 mini-lookalike.

I hit the roof that time, I scolded her, I told her it would take years to grow down, which it did.

When Nanny came to stay sometime later she tried to repair the damage. The problem was she cut it nearly right to the back of her head. At one stage Nanny felt like handing the scissors to the Young Wan and tell her to do the same to the other side.
However being better than Vidal Sasson Nanny fixed the hair while keeping some length at the back and over time/years it grew back down.

So that was the first time and you would have thought she would have learned from it. Or maybe she did for a couple of years anyway, probably about the time it took the hair to grow back.

The second time was sometime last year or was it the year before when she went mental with nail scissors. Seriously she cropped bits at the side giving herself 1970s locks. It wasn’t what she intended, at least that what I have told myself. But seriously, sideburns to ehm match her long hair. On top of it all she cropped a bit of the top at the front and a half a layer's worth short underneath her hair at the top of her neck.

What on earth was that all about? That has nothing to do with style, that is seriously mad behaviour. There was nothing that Nanny could do about that, all the repair job that could be done involved time and hair growth.

In fact she had her hair cut shorter before the summer and it was only at that stage that those stubs of hairs have grown down enough. And now she has done it again. She is mad, barking in fact.

Maybe the New Year will see rapid hair growth, here’s wishing us all the best things for the coming year. Happy New Year everyone, oh and I will be hiding the scissors from now on.

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Boliath said...

Oh I want to see a picture of this!

How long is Nanny staying? Will she do my hair too? I'll be home from the 26th-29th for my Mums 70th.

Only messing, but hopefully will see you.

Beccy said...

Maybe she's destined to be the next Vidal Sassoon!

I remember my daugher cutting her hair at 4 years. Bearing in mind that she had no hair until she was 2 and it still grows very slowly today, it was a mess and took over a year to recover.

Even worse was the time (6months later) when she cut a neighbours daughters hair. My youngest was a week old and this neighbour was just home from hospital with her four day old son when My daughter agreed to give her friend a fringe, and a bloody awful one at that!

Daughters eh, don't you just love them!

tawdreyaudrey said...

I remember circa 1977, aged 7 or 8 taking a steel comb to my hair in the vain attempt of creating curls. I remember it so well. Panic stricken I couldn't get the shaggin thing out, this was tangled, and called for my da. My mother was on night duty as an auxillary.I was standing in our dining room looking in the mirror and my da just took the scissors and cut the whole mangle mess out. Great. I looked like John Mills in Ryan's daughter for a year.

Red Mum said...

Boliath I should have taken pics of all the shearing incidents, I was always too traumatised by them to even think of it. Hope to see you at the end of the month, Vidal Nanny has just gone home today, so I'm afraid a cut is out of the question. Hopefully you'll have some time when we can meet up?

Beccy, reading your comment made me realise I am lucky there were no cutting of friends hair. OMG that would be awful.

Tawdrey: My dad would occasionally cut my fringe as a child much to the complete annoyance of my mum

fallengalaxies said...

hahahaha would have loved to see the pics...I must admit to cutting/butchering my mates hair(we were about 16) ,now the finished look was the kinda 60's bob thingy whiched kicked out at the end...but one side was longer then the other...not bad for 1st attepmt really...seriously though i was clever enought not to do to my own ..

lunakizz said...

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