Wednesday, December 06, 2006

RM November 23 - Teenage comb overs

IT WOULD appear the Young Wan has descended more and more into the world of Emo. Her makeup, particularly her eye makeup has become darker and heavier and an almost daily feature.

She has even taken to sneaking out of the house in the morning so I won’t see her done-up face. But I still catch her – make up and school is a big no no as far as I am concerned. I do not care that others wear it, let them, the Young Wan is not.

Sometimes (I believe I have said this before and probably will do again) her make up transcends between vampish young woman and I immediately want her to clean her face to heavy, clumsiness turning her beautiful large eyes into two black p*ssholes in the snow and again I immediately want her to clean her face.

But I am coming to terms with seeing my beautiful daughter’s face covered in cakes of make-up. After all I was a teenager once myself and probably had more than my own share of make-up disasters/learning curves. I distinctly remember having a gold-phase that included gold-ish lipstick, gold eyeshadow and to top it all gold eyeliner. Beautiful image or what?

But something new and entirely more frightening has entered the Young Wan’s beauty regime; it has been creeping in and across her forehead - an Emo fringe.

comb over

What do you mean you don’t know what I am talking about?

I am talking about the heavy side-shade you see sported by the dark-clothed clad youngsters running around the place.

Only herself has taken it to the extreme.

Bear in mind I previously described Emos as “often sporting greasy black hair with a long heavy fringe” and I received emails from other teens complaining that they were Emo and didn’t have black hair.

Good for them, it is better to be a leader than a sheep. And it is better when you have beautiful hair to leave it as it is without dying it to follow a trend.

The Young Wan is a ginger Emo (I should say red-haired) and I hope she never ever dyes her hair until she is older and greying.

So while the Young Wan doesn’t dye her hair - not that I would let her at the age of 14 -she has tried many, many different styles to varying degrees of success and now she is working on the ‘heavy fringe’ part.

The style that has really made me say ‘GO NOW AND GET A HAIRBRUSH AND START AGAIN’ has been what I have labeled the ‘baldy man comb over’ style.

She did it the first time a couple of weeks ago and I was absolutely gob smacked. I looked at my gorgeous teen with her new hairstyle and I couldn’t help saying ‘why are you doing a bald-man comb over’. It really was that bad.

She looked at it with new eyes and laughed. Then she shrugged her shoulders and said ‘well I like it’.

I remember being told as a teenager by some old dear that my long hair which often fell down covering one eye that it was Veronica Lake-ish but would give me a turn in my eye.

But the Young Wan’s style not only covers one eye, it is a full-blown comb over covering half of her face and her complete forehead.

It was at this stage that I became animated and I demonstrated on my own hair what her hair looked like. Again she snorted laughing but still shrugged saying ‘WELL I like it’.

Fortunately in recent days the comb-over hasn’t shown itself, maybe she listened to me after all.

Ach who am I fooling, it is either gone because a pal said it wasn’t the effect she wanted OR the worst case scenario that it is lying in wait for another time when she dolls herself up and resurrects the style.

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cc said...

I quite liked that gold lipstick on you!

The Great Wee Azoo said...

I'm sure the hair and eye make up is lovely. It's good for the Young Wan to be so creative and expressive.