Thursday, December 07, 2006

Don't do that here - Grumpy Old Woman part 6

Red MumTHIS is less of a grumpy old woman post and more of a 'I can't believe that filthy beast just did that and I want to kick him' post.

A man got on the number 10 in Phibsboro this morning and took the seat on the top deck opposite me. But before he sat down he leaned forward from the waist up, covered one side of his nose with his finger and proceeded to blow and empty his nose just like footballers do on the pitch.

Honestly he really did, and sorry to those of you with weak stomachs. I know I had one after that.

In what world is that acceptable, besides his of course. It is absolutely vile, vile, vile..

This surely tops the list of unbelievably nasty things people do on buses, like men scratching themselves as if they are alone or clipping your nails. Stop it, it is nasty and repulsive.

Top Deck

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cc said...

Uuuuuughh!! I've come over all Howard Hughesy after reading that...even more Howard Hughesy than usual that is!!!

Boliath said...

Fuck that is disgusting! Poor you.

Red Mum said...

Isn't it one of the most vile personal hygiene things you have ever heard. I have a big enough problem with watching telly and seeing footballers do it, but jesus on a bus.

cc said...

He should be locked up. I don't think I dare venture onto a bus in Dublin ever again in case he's a regular user of public transport!

Paige A Harrison said...

Shame you didn't have a camera to snap his disgusting face. Could probably get him elected as one of the "Great Irish men".

(Of course, I need to let this go!)