Monday, September 04, 2006

Everyone everywhere knows what size their feet are, it is official

CAN someone tell when shoe shops stopped measuring feet? Seriously does everyone, whatever age, know their shoe size?

Apparently so according to Clarkes on O'Connell Street where I went in last week to buy the Young Wan some school shoes.


In we went to Clarkes, after all they have a reputation of good shoes and we browsed and saw two or three pairs of acceptable school shoes that we could both agree on.

Course we also had help from Boliath and her young son. But back to the story when I asked the woman working there if she could measure my daughter's feet and she said sorry we don't do that.

And I went what!

She said no we don't do that, you'll find most shoe shops don't do it anymore.

And I went again (only a little louder much to Boliath's despair) What!

It was at this stage things became a little bizarre for me. The woman said do you not know the size of your daughter's feet?

Things were starting to really annoy me now and Boliath was already thinking defuse this situation quick.

I said I am going to invest in a pair of school shoes and I want to know that they fit properly. I was also thinking but didn't get to articulate I was so mad that of course I know a ball-park figure of what size her feet are BUT I would like to know for sure.

The shop woman (who was about 20) looked at my daughter and said you are about 14? I'd say you are about a 6 or 7 and sure you have stopped growing at this stage.

Ehm no darling she has not stopped growing, I know her feet are about 6 or 7, I would like to know for sure.

It was at this stage poor Boliath brought into action all her best peacekeeping abilities. She started picking up shoes saying arent these lovely? These are nice, try them on?

While doing this she tried to make soothing noises to me, while I glared and wanted to go elsewhere and spend my money.

I mean come on, they didn't even have one of those standey-on thingies which measure your feet. How much room do they take up? Can a store not even hold onto one?

So against my better judgement, despite Boliath's best efforts to make me feel otherwise, I bought them. It was more about getting out of town quickly, we had all had enough.

When we got outside Boliath told me she tries to be calmer about these kind of things and she wouldn't let it annoy her and sure didn't that approach get me my shoes?

Don't get me wrong I wasn't shouting and roaring, I believe I was asking legitimate questions in a shoe shop which doesn't measure feet (I am even laughing at the absurdity of that statement but how and ever).

I just feel that I have given out good money to a shop that doesn't tick the boxes in customer support and also talked to me in a pretty appalling manner.

I was up in Belfast earlier in the summer and had my pal's three-year-old's feet measured during the summer in another store, no problem at all. It seems that when they are older and only able to get shoes in adult stores that they are not worthy of feet-measuring anymore.

You live and learn.

But thanks anyway to Boliath whose visit home brought me no end of pleasure! Can't wait until the next one.

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Damien said...

I loved getting my feet measured when I was a kid. Was half-scared half-curious each time. Mad.

Emma in Canada said...

I would assume any store selling shoes that cost as much as Clarkes should have the ability to measure feet.

Donal said...

A shop in Cork had this mad gadget that you put your foot into and it closed in on your foot from the sides and front and back. Very fancy. Don't know what happened to it. As a kid it was the highlight of getting new shoes.

cp said...

i've had people put a shoe i was thinking of buying along my forearm to check for size as this apparently is the same as your foot - i'm with you red mum, if they don't got what you want, walk out the door. boliath or no boliath trying to diffuse the situation ... some people just don't want conflict -thats no reasno not to get comfortable shoes

Boliath said...

You know I thought about this today on the plane (I'm back in the US now boo hoo) and I think you were right we should have left and spent your hard earned money elsewhere - sorry!

Loops O'Fury said...

i've been noticing this too lately...most stores don't even have the standy-on things so you can measure them yourself.
last year i wanted my feet measured because i've been having foot problems and my podiatrist suggested that my shoes might be too tight. i went to a store that did have a stabdey-on thingy, but the boy who measured my feet didn't know how to do it properly, and brought me shoes that were 2 sizes too small.

mike said...

Surely you're podiatrist would be able to measure your feet? Length and width. I had mine measured at the physio's (had a back problem caused by a weak knee and flat feet!)