Friday, August 25, 2006

A glut of redmums

I just clicked onto Irishblogs and was astounded to see lots and lots of my old posts reposted on the site. I realised then they were ones which I have added labels to courtesy of Blogger Beta. So if I do my blog spring cleaning over the weekend where I hope to add labels/tags to my archived posts they will all probably reappear on Irishblogs. Apologies for that I haven't a clue how to not allow this other than not springcleaning. Anyone any thoughts?

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Sharon said...

I've been reading your blog for a while now and like it a lot, esp the great photos. AND anyone who likes Donegal is alright with me!

I've no answer on the blogger thing; the same happened to me last week when I added tags on blogger beta. Irish blog readers must have been sick looking at loads of my ould posts!

Claire said...

I was thinking I was experiencing some Deja Vu there Redmum :D

The site's looking good though, it's making me feel like I should be doing some springcleaning myself.

Declan said...

So adding a blogger label reposts the original post as if it was new? Good thing I didnt get onto the blogger beta yet. I was going to label all my old posts :-)

Red Mum said...

I might do it this evening and ping Irishblogs late so they come up overnight.

Other than not adding labels I don't know what way to do it that won't over-run the site with my old posts.

Bernie said...

If you want to clean up things silently, turn off the ping option on your blogging software. If you want to upload Flickr photos without dumping hundreds onto the blogs aggregator, upload them as private, then change their settings to public a day or two later.

Declan said...

I labelled 537 posts over the weekend and as far as I know my old posts were not reposts on Irish Blogs.

While I was labelling I made real posts and they appeared in Irish Blogs and Bloglines so either blogger fixed the problem, or perhaps they only re-ping the current months posts?

One other thing is that I was careful to only edit the labels, not the posts themselves, maybe that helped.

If you didnt see alot of posts from me over the weekend on Irish Blogs I'd sugest trying to label a few posts again and see what happens.

Roger said...

Blogger changed the GUID's on the Blogger beta posts. I posted about it here:

Hopefully Declan is right and they've sorted the problem now.