Monday, February 20, 2006

The shortlist for Irish Blog Awards is revealed

I SAT Sunday night hovering/lurking around after Damien said the results could be posted after midnight, well it was 12.02 then. I finally went to bed after popping in again after 12.30ish and no sign yet of the shortlist.

The Spire From My Work

So I then discovered in work that I was lucky to be nominated in the personal blog category and judging by my fellow nominees I am absolutely delighted to be included. Check out the other nominees in the Personal Blog category. There is MacDara's Lebanon an Irish Experience through the bottom of a glass orRTE's Rick O'Shea, GUBU and Thinking Out Loud.

You can also check out all the other blogs up for various awards here. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and to those who nominated me in the first place. And a big pat on the back for Damien for all his work.

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doris said...

Oh yaaay! Congrats on getting through to the shortlist stage. It is the shortlist because you were already nominated?

Red Mum said...

Yeah, a panel of judges takes over now and they will decide who wins each category. Thanks for the vote:)