Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Setting up a photoblog with little success

USING my limited techie experience I have been looking for a while for a blog template where I can show photographs large and lovely and link to it from here.

I managed to find one, though it is basic and none too pretty. But I don't mind that so much, however this is too plain. You can see it here.

I have also been unable to allow comments so I am left scratching my head going 'mmmmm'. Havent a clue what to do to fix it or whether I scrap the whole thing altogether. The comments apppear to be there but once you try it goes a bit awol.

What I would like is a photoblog where I can easily post pictures big, where people can leave comments, with handy archives and maybe even thumbnails of previous and next pics.

I am going to have to pay for one, arn't I? Where do you even look? Back to rubbing my chin thoughtfully and scratching my head going 'mmmm'.

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