Saturday, February 18, 2006

Clontarf-ish by the sea at night

I WAS out at Clontarf earlier, well more at the end of Fairview going into Clontarf and took these pics, in the freezing cold by the way.

I was hunched where the big rocks are beside the lovely walk and cycle route and received more than one strange look from the cold evening walkers, sorry if I scared you lads.

Clontarf seafront

Clontarf seafront

Here is a picture of what used to be my late night life line but it has been closed since last June and is up for sale.

It’s closure is strange, it was a lucrative business. But it is on a sizeable amount of land and will probably be turned into apartments.

At least the anarchists are happy.

Someday all petrol stations will look like this

And hopefully this will give you a smile, I spotted this on a train journey during the week, a strange personal ad… The close-up is at the bottom, I removed the actual number but maybe the young gentleman would be happier if I hadn’t!!!



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JL Pagano said...

Re : Clontarf, I used to live beside the Dollymount House and I would go for jogs along the promenade - for m me it is the best jogging route in Dublin by a mile. You go along the path as far as the Alfie Byrne road where there was a big MF of a tree, which you loop around and go back the way you came, only now you are running into the wind and get one hell of a workout.

Re - the sticker: I can't believe it's still there after all these years! No wonder I never got a reply I forgot to put my goddam number on it!