Thursday, January 26, 2006

Redmum column Jan 26

And here is this week's column which I have already posted and it has mysteriously vanished. Hmmmmm something is trying successfully to thwart my posting attempts today...

Red Mum column Jan 26

Body Percings (ouch) and the perils of town

Letting your teen go into town with pals is one of those landmark moments in a child’s life and development but it is a landmark that is absolutely fraught with worry for parents.

I recently let the Young Wan go in with some pals and off they set with the warning in their ears not to be tempted in any shape or form to get a little light-fingered. Not that I think they would but it would be too easy to goad someone in doing it so the warning was just to be sure.

Aside from shoplifting the other worries revolve around losing her money, getting mugged, lost, oh the list is endless. It is dangerous out there and it can be hard giving them the responsibility they need to grow and keeping them safe.

Anyway off they set dressed up to the nines and delighted with themselves. And they returned before their allotted home time having spent their money on Kurt Cobain posters and lip gloss, they were happy and I was happy.

However along with the posters they also picked up a leaflet about body piercings with the most eye-watering menu of ‘procedures’ I have ever seen.

It would seem that the days of going to the chemist where they used an earring-shooting gun on your ear are long over. Not to mention the fact that judging by this leaflet, earrings are seriously passé, fogeyish and nothing in comparison to the well shall I describe them as intimate piercings listed.

I am miffed that a responsible business even allowed kids near the premises and hopefully getting a leaflet is as far as they will get. But I am also annoyed that this could plant ideas in their impressionable heads.

The leaflet was smart, glossy and informative and it almost promised a cool lifestyle for the initiated pierced person.

We all know parents whose children went off and got their tongue or bellybutton pierced without permission. Do I think the Young Wan is that impressionable, of course she is, she is a teenager and that is her job, unfortunately.

I looked over the leaflet with a pal and I realised that I just do not like piercings. It is something that I like on others just not on me and certainly not on the Young Wan.

I have my own ears pierced twice; hey I grew up in the 1980s give me a break. However I have always found earrings to be an absolute pain, catching your hair, banging about, getting lost so I do not think I have worn earrings in years and years.

The thought of my beautiful child piercing her tongue ending up in a big fat tongue for God knows how long or having any of the other trends like a bar through the eyebrow is just too much. I cannot move beyond the these piercings mean your body is marked, scarred and maimed for life. What will they look like in 50 years? I shudder to think.

Is this where I sound old – so what and so be it. I cannot stand the thought of the Young Wan marring her beautiful face. And do not talk to me about tattoos.

Conversations with the Young Wan on the fickleness of fashion appear to fall on deaf ears but so far she only has pierced ears, thank God. She appeared less than keen on most of what was contained in the leaflet. In fact she found most of them hilarious.

Do not get me wrong, I do not take that as a given for ever and ever. But for the moment I can rest easy-ish. Or maybe I should have another chat with herself, excuse me.

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Boliath said...

Ha ha I did that, went off and got things pierced without asking my Mum, she went nuts! The nuns weren't too fond of little miss nose piercing in 1986 either so that had to come out until I went to college. I have 3 holes in each ear, 1 in my navel and 1 in my nose, how many of them sport glittering jewels or even a bit of shiny metal? 0 that's right, not a one, daft really.