Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I think I killed it

I THINK I have killed it.

I had one of those occasions last night where the Young Wan tripped over the phone line which was connected to the laptop, knocking over a glass of wine onto the floor and nearly sending the laptop flying.

But she didn't.

Oh no the real damage was done by me.

Not 10 minutes after the Young Wan had her trip, I proceeded to with a flourish knock the repoured glass of wine all over the laptop.

You have never seen me move so quickly in your life.

However I think I killed it.

Well the mouse pad anyway. Despite drying it upside in front of the fire, the mousepad is acting up badly. I am not sure if anything else is working properly yet, we'll see tonight.

Until then I have left it in the recovery position.


Oh please get better, I haven't finished paying for you yet.

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