Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Teenage Art of Mispronunciation 1 and 1a

EITHER I am going deaf or the Young Wan has very recently adopted a much more muffled and distinctly incoherent manner of speech.

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This is very, very frustrating considering it is not that long ago that her normal speech level involved speaking at the very top of her voice.

So while this mumbling makes her appear to be hesitant about what she is saying, she is not, the real reason is that she is a teenager and effortless mumbling is just too cool for words.

In addition to the drop in volume and coherency, she has also taken to mispronouncing words turning one word into a completely different word. I mean completely.

I’ve decided to make these words an ongoing series. So even if I cannot correct her speech into submission, at least we can all have a laugh about it.

The Teenage Art of Mispronunciation 1 and 1a

Number 1
Young Wan: ‘I left my buck in school.’
Me: ‘Pardon.’
YW: ‘I left my buck in school.’
M: ‘Sorry excuse me’.
YW: ‘My BUCK.’
M: ‘I asked you to repeat yourself because I thought you said ‘I left my buck in school’.’
YW: ‘I did.’
M: ‘You left your adult male of some animals, such as the deer, antelope, or rabbit in school?
YM: *SIGH* ‘My booooooook.’
Me: ‘Oh okay, now I understand.’

Number 2
Young Wan says pointing: ‘Luck.’
Me: ‘Luck??!!??
YW: ‘Yes luck!
M: ‘Luck as in good luck, luck of the Irish, better luck next time luck?
YW heaves a big sigh: ‘Looook.’

More in this series coming soon. Feel free to add to the growing list if you have any of your own.

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Curly K said...

I love it, there is nothing like an arsey teenager who drawls everything and ensures that you feel like you speak a different language and come from old God's time. (Not that I'd know as yet - although won't be rushing into that!)

P.S. Hope the aul laptop is ok

Curly K

aoife said...

I've confused matters greatly whilst describing chocolate and items of a similar shading:

'it's brown' I say
dumbfounded faces abound
'BRAIN?' they say.
'what? no brown'
infinity ends quicker

ho hum.

cc said...

I'm loving it!! It ain't just teenagers though, five year olds have been known to have the odd go at this coolspeak. Some examples:
"I 'fail' sick!"
"A car has four 'whales'."
"I don't want to go to 'sku-al' today."
Looking forward to the next instalment!!

Red Mum said...

LOL at everyone!

CC the childish ones are always killers, I remember the Young Wan used to ask for a f*ck. Or so her pronunication of fork sounded. That always raised an eyebrow.