Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yeucky firefox viewing

OH HELP I was trying to post to the blog unsuccessfully I might add from Firefox and Performancing. My laptop seems to have taken well to Performancing, not this snazzy new computer…

When I did manage to upload the post directly through I checked it out in Firefox and to my horror it looks like this.

Yeuuccck NOT how it should look

Instead of this.

How it should look

The pictures are wonky, there is background colours on the text bar where I do not want any and for some strange reason the title bar has a background graphic on it.

I haven’t seen this before and I haven’t a clue why or how or anything. Has anyone any suggestions ideas, anything?

I don’t like this, one wee bit. Yeuck yeuck yeuck Help.

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Boliath said...

I use Firefox, I rarely have a problem with your blog except the videos, I have to use IE to see them.

Red Mum said...

Mmh it all appears(ish) to be sorted now. I think it may have been something to do with blogger as a post disappeared after not allowing me to post for ages.

I thought I had somehow changed forever my template which I didnt want. I like this one. Phew. Sorting that out would have been way beyond my html capabilities.