Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Shopping in Dundrum SC

I MUST be the only woman in Dublin who until yesterday had not been to the new Dundrum Shopping Centre.

For those of you not in Dublin who are wondering what the big deal is it’s a new shopping centre with all sorts of Brit shops that we didn’t have before, including H&M and Harvey Nicks (however that’s spelt) and House of Fraser.

I am one of those types who does not really enjoy shopping and at this time of year I absolutely loathe the crowds, the hassle, the queues, everything.

So the grand opening of Dundrum shopping centre passed me by, I missed the stampede for Stella McCartney’s clothing line (*yawwwwnnnn*), I missed the full Luas trams packed with shoppers eager to sample even more shops.

Until yesterday, that is. I was working in Dundrum and decided to stop by primarily to go to H&M to pick up stocking fillers for the Young Wan.

I’d recommend H&M, not only did I fulfil my objective of pressies, I bought the first one for Nanny and a lovely new bag for me. I love bags.

Whilst out and about in Dundrum I took this shot of plastics in a recycling bin and a view of one of Dublin Bay’s landmarks, the two chimneys.


Lots and lots of plastic

Oh and I have been memed by Fi at Trixibell, following shortly.

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Fi said...

I haven't been out there yet either! And I don't feel like I'm missing out on something either!

Sinéad said...

Me neither. Looks too big and concrete-y.
I hear House of Fraser has nice stuff.

Boliath said...


All my love, Bo