Friday, December 23, 2005

Oasis gig, Point depot, Dec 22

I WAS at the Oasis gig earlier this evening in the Point Depot and after having a birthday yesterday where I received a card from the Young Wan calling me a wrinkly I now know I am, utterly.

I am sitting here now two hours after getting home, I have just downloaded some pics, with more to follow but my feet are still throbbing.

The Point Depot as a venue can be a complete bollox, the walk home is just uuugggghhh. And don't talk to me about trying to find a pub with open doors (thanks McGraths of the Quays which shut its doors).

So by the time we did get to a pub, Mulligans - fantastic by the way, all I could think of was my slippers so I am a fecking wrinkly and I am depressed.

But these pics reassure me that I am cooler than my feet would suggest.

(Oh and I just realised that I have just moaned throughout this post and not even mentioned that it was a great evening. Good music, great craic with lots of singing along. I am a wrinkly, bollox!)

Liam giving it welly

Happy audience

Oasis Dublin December 22

Liam Gallagher framed by clapping hands

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Emma in Canada said...

Happy belated birthday. I suppose to children we all seem wrinkly. I did an Oprah quiz when she was all into that "real age" stuff and my real age was 56!According to that, at the rate I'm aging they'll be putting old age as the reason for death in only another 10 years or so.

Boliath said...

Hah wrinkly indeed, there's not a blemish on your lovely face!

Gig looks like a laugh, last time I saw them was about 10 years ago, man I'm old.

Kevin Breathnach said...

What? Which way do you walk home? Along the quays for me; it's lovely. Some pubs and restaurants along it would be nicer than bath and tile shops though, unless - as a wrinkly bollox - you prefer that kind of thing. :P

Happy Birthday!

Red Mum said...

Thanks everyone and Kevin the walk is lovely, the quays look fantastic. But everywhere was shut off for concert goers and my feet were yelling something shocking!

But i love how they look now.

Claire said...

Great shots Redmum, really nice!

If that's your description of wrinkly though I've been ancient for quite a while now.

JL Pagano said...

happy belated birthday as well, glad you enjoyed the concert, I thought I was a big Oasis fan but I didnt even know the concert was on!!!

Teenage Kicks said...

happy belated bday redmum! I was at Oasis in Belfast, amazin gig, also went to the after party, mad craic! Ofcourse i forgot my camera so ur fotos are greatly appreciated! xxxxx