Friday, December 16, 2005

A glut of Crunchies and Fry’s Chocolate Cream

THE previous post and the opportunism of passers-by who put all their eggs into one basket so to speak and grabbed a couple of birds of a feather, okay I’ll stop now, but that story put me in a mind of a moment like that when I was a young wan.

I would have been 11 and was out on a day trip with my mum and nanny. Somewhere outside Newry we noticed a couple of Crunchies and Fry’s Chocolate Creams lying on the ground.


Fry's Chocolate Cream

For those of you who know the road, to this day it is winding and quite dangerous, so 20-odd years ago it was more so and more country road-ish despite being the main route between Dublin and Belfast.

Anyway we turned another corner and while there were about 40 to 50 bars lying on the road earlier, now there was 100s.

What could you do other then get out of the car and grab what you could. And we did.

Around the next corner about 10 cars and their occupants were doing the same, only this time there were boxes full of chocolate, half-full boxes and thousands of bars lying everywhere.

It was like a feeding frenzy, people were running too and fro to all the piles of sweeties and walking back with their arms absolutely full of boxes.

We missed the boxes having wasted time picking up the few stray ones which had obviously fallen out of the back of a delivery truck.

My Mum instructed me to go over to one man who had a tall tower of boxes and say ‘Ach mister you’ve got loads of boxes, can we have one? We didn’t get any boxes at all and everyone has’. So I did, I was a good child and did what I was told.

He absolutely glowered at me before silently walking off to replace his reclaimed stock back into the truck.

I never even liked bloody Fry’s Chocolate Creams.

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Mike Todd said...

Just came over from JL's Odd Shag -- glad he made the recommendation! Congratulations on the column. It looks to be very well-deserved.

Fi said...

Hey there RM! You've been tagged by me! Come and have a look!
Oh by the way it would have to be Fry's chocolate creams that were released and not decent chocolate wouldn't it! Bleurgh it's the yuckiest chocolate if you ask me!