Friday, December 16, 2005

Chicken Run – What a Yoke! - More from our feathered friends

Oh Pluck, 6,500 loose chickens...

Hope you didn’t miss the funny story on the news yesterday and in the papers today about the 6,500 chickens who got loose after the vehicle in which they were travelling overturned giving their lives a reprieve as they were on their way to a slaughter house.

The Great Egg-scape

Here’s the headlines, story, pictures and puns as detailed in today’s edition of The Star.

Battery Hen
Battery Hen


Chicken run, I mean fun

The Irish Independent wrote: “Locals rushed out to help - and to rehome some of the chickens which had been on their way to a slaughterhouse. At 74 weeks old, the hens were deemed to have reached the end of their egg-producing life.

But eyewitnesses described a field full of eggs. One opportunistic local woman was seen with a bag of eggs in one hand and a chicken under her other arm, while another man thrust two chickens into his car boot.”

Don’t you just love it…

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