Thursday, September 22, 2005

Sandwiches, mascara, Coco the clown and Mi Mi the panda

IT NEVER ceases to amaze me the lengths the young wan will go so she doesn’t have to do something she doesn’t want to, absolutely amazing.

Just this morning as she was finishing getting ready for school I asked her if she had made her sandwich.


She said yes and I asked her to bring it to me so I could see. I have found that it is much better to go down the doubting Thomas line than trust a teenager, HA! trust and teenager, two words that do not sit well together.

Besides which I have already told her that I will be watching everything, I will be listening to all the alarm bells that ring silently in your head over something that is just not quite right and that this situation will continue until she starts to cop on to some of the nonsense that has become part and parcel of her recent behaviour.

So she brought it in and by the look of the tinfoil it was old, very old. I touched the sandwich and it felt like a dry dishwashing sponge, yum.

There are two things wrong here.

First of all there is the question of not having eaten the previous day’s lunch and then there is the question of constantly trying to pull the wool over my eyes. What is all that about?

Bear in mind on the days where I have not made her a sandwich and she has to, I always ask to see it because she can be a lazy so and so and would prefer to starve than take two minutes, less than two minutes to make a sandwich.

I cannot understand why when she knows I will more than likely check, why she continues to try to lie and blagg her way out of things that I know to be the case.

Take for example my make-up, and bear in mind, she has been bought cosmetic items that I think are appropriate for young teens, clear mascara, lip gloss etc, etc. Yet everyday I come home and she looks like a cross between Coco the clown and Mi Mi the panda.

The young wan before

panda-largeand after…

She obviously spends a large portion of her afternoon trying on my make up and another part of the afternoon taking it off badly, hence the panda eyes.

This pisses me off no end.

My mascara is nearly done, despite only being bought in the last six weeks and I have no foundation left.


But the biggest problem which led to the blanket ban on my cosmetics is that there has been more than one occasion where I am getting ready for work in the morning and I have my foundation, eye make up on and I reach for the mascara.

And it has vanished from the place where it lives, from the place where I keep so I know where it is.

And bear in mind that being a redhead I need my mascara as surely as others need an overcoat in the rain. I’m baldy-eyed without it. And not having it means I have to take off the make-up I have put on as it looks bizarre without mascara and then go to work barefaced.

Redmum without her mascara

As you can imagine this is a bad start to the day. And it happens often, which in itself is remarkable because there have been some very tense moments around the disappearing mascara.

But back to the sandwich, considering the fact that it is now routine that I ask about the sandwich, wouldn’t you think she would just make it? Maybe that’s too sensible.


Now to something completely different, you can now send e-cards of some of my pics with Bravenet.

So far I have only downloaded a few of my Galway pictures but I will add more as time goes by and if there is any particular pic that you would like to see included, let me know and it will be so…

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doris said...

I can empathise with you on the teenage kid thing and the lying. What I have noticed at times that as well as my daughter also not taking the time to make something for herself, she also sees it as an indictment of how much I don't love her because I don't make it for her. Her reasoning, not actually verbalised but that is what comes across.

I love your illustrated posts :-)

Emma in Canada said...

My daughter always lies over the stupidest things even when I tell her she will get in less trouble (or none!) for telling the truth. Yet she will continue with the lie and always end up in my bad books.

Steve said...

Cor I am so glad that I read this blog and the comments. At least now I know its not just my 14 yr old who will spend more energy trying to avoid doing something than he would spend just doing it in the first place, and the stupid lies really really p**s me off.I can feel a rant coming on, I may have to blog about this or this comments column will be a mile long.

Amy said...

I was nothing like that as a teenager. I have no idea what you're talking about...*cough, cough* My mother would love that one. I'll have to send it to her!!