Friday, September 16, 2005

Rainy Days, Steamy Windows and Umbrellas

WE were very lucky to have the summer we have had here in Dublin, so you would think that we wouldn’t complain when there is a couple of rainy days, ha!

I’ve been doing a theme of ‘On The Buses’ photographs which turned into ‘Steamy Windows’ following the clammy, wet weather.

Can you picture the scene, there’s me minding my own business, taking pics of Dublin as I passed through the city centre on the bus.

When I spied a crowd of people waiting to get on a bus so I snapped the top of their heads.

Steamy Windows - tourists

Then one of them spotted the lens and pretty soon the whole bus stop was waving up at me.

Steamy Windows - Caught in the act by waving tourists

Steamy Windows - Umberella

While I like this picture, I believe tthat umbrellas should be banned from city centres, or at least people should be tested on their suitability to manage these eye-poking, scalp-lifting implements of torture.

Let's be honest, they don’t keep you dry, only your head and a hat would work perfectly well. Small people should not be allowed to carry golf umbrellas and those nazi-feckers who think they own the pavement should also be banned from carrying them.

A hat and a good coat probably is the best way to keep dry. While I admit I carried one this week, it was only cos I had painstakenly blowdried my hair and was not letting that time go to waste because of some rain.

However, an umbrella doesn't stop the fizz factor, ah ha, but a hat can reduce it... Honestly!


The view up O’Connell Street from a steamy top deck of Dublin Bus.

Steamy Windows

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Through a steamy bus window 2


100tek said...

Now it's raining also in my city and in Rome this night there's the Nuite Blanche... we hope that it'll stop..

aoife said...

Beautiful. Inspirational. Dammit, you've done it again, making me like this god awful city!

Georgio said...

very good. they mustve thot u're 'nother cool american tourist visiting iyeerland!

KT said...

Great work again- love the bus top shots.

Fi said...

Love the candidness of these shots.

Hi from Fi from Auckland, New Zealand, redmum! I was recommended your blog and (if that's ok) I'll be back ;)

Anonymous said...

So be it, Oliver Reed alive and well on the streets of Dublin{photo 1}Faking dead in Ireland can really get away from all that paparazzi. Redmum a big contract with "NOW" awaits.

Red Mum said...

Glad you like the shots and welcome Fi, looking forward to hearing from you again.