Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Flickr's most interesting

I HAVE been very bad posting this week and will probably get something substantial together over the day. In the meantime I thought I would be lazy and post some pics. They are what considers to be my most interesting pics. I’ve said this before but it is a fantastic site for storing and sharing images. And one of it's many cool features is sorting out most interesting photographs.

Do check out Flickr . You can even view the most interesting pics of a day from all the Flickr community, who download roughly 100,000 pics a day. Try September’s contributions here and prepare to see some breathtaking photos.

Back to my pics and you will see the images are in the order of number one most interesting to number 11. I was only going to do one to 10 but I personally love number 11 so I added it too.

I like this shot, but I think its far from my most interesting.

I was delighted with how this one turned out.

Walking fish
It is always worth carrying your camera; you never know what you might see.

Taken during a weekend away with pals in Limerick.


You've been framed
Taken back in 1997.

The other O'Connell Bridge, St Stephen's Green, Dublin



Top deck of double decker
I do like this but I dont understand its inclusion really. I only took it on Monday evening and somehow it has worked itself up through the 200 pics in my interesting ranks! The mind boggles.

Making a swing
I was delighted with this one. Taken in Belfast in 1997 and shows a child making a swing. Lampposts are used like this all the time. You just hitch up a rope and swing away. However it is dangerous as you can imagine.

When I was growing up the nearest lamp post was against a wall so all you could do was swing from side to side, kinda shite really.

More in a wee while.

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Emma said...

Your photos are amazing. I especially love the one with the family's hands. I wish we had done that with our daughter.

Georgio said...

the bridge pic is fab! well done