Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Pervert caught by camera phone and BLOG DAY

I SPIED this piece entitled 'snapper shames flasher' on picture on Flickr and I thought, fantastic!

Basically a woman was travelling on the underground in New York when a man began to masturbate in the carriage. You can read her detailed account of what happened here. You might need to click on the largest size picture to see that the dirty fecker did actually have his codger out, perv.

The photographer took the pic on her camera phone but the detail is surprisingly good and leaves nothing to the imagination, well once you get the zoom going that is.

While I completely applaud this woman for her actions, while I would be fearful that people, unscrupulous people would use the same method for unsavoury reasons against an innocent, but how and ever, it is very clear in this picture what was happening and that it certainly wasn’t innocent.

You can also see the glut of comments left on the picture, which is astounding; some even try to stand up for the perv, trying to explain why he conducted himself in some way. As if…

Having had similar incidents, her use of mobile phones is great, empowering and a strike against those pervs who do this without (or maybe they do) considering the impact of their actions.

This can be very frightening for a woman, and having been followed on the tube in London by a man in one such incident, I can tell you, very frightening.

That particular incident happened in the days before mobile phones when I was 17 and luckily I managed to get out of what could have been (and I seriously believe that) a frightening and dangerous situation.

Basically I was waiting on a train when a man sat beside me. He began to rub under his legs at the outside whilst looking straight ahead. The trouble was, he was also rubbing my leg.
I moved my leg in case it was an accident and it continued more. So I got up and walked to the opposite side of the tube station just as the train approached.

As I sat down in the carriage, I looked up and there was the dirty bastard who proceeded to sit opposite me and stare me out.

Not knowing what to do, I began to semi-shout ‘for fucks sake’ and look back at him. I would look up again and if he was looking I would say ‘FOR FUCKS SAKE’, all in my best and roughest Belfast accent. The few people who were in the carriage thought I was mad, and would not look my way but I did not care one bit. If I had too I would have explained why my behaviour was so odd.

The fecker then got off at the next station and when my station came I ran all the way back to the flat.

I don’t know at all if a mobile phone would have helped me then other then phoning a friend to come and pick me up at the station, but we have seen so many big uses for mobiles this summer alone from the London bombings to this. Who would have thought it?


FOR the last number of weeks, I have posted a link on my sidebar about Blog Day which happens tomorrow, and as Damien Mulley said do more than is required.

So I am posting my entries early and including a special Blog Day Blogroll for the next week or so linking to my chosen sites.

The idea behind Blog Day is to have a day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers, people from different cultures, countries, and backgrounds.

You can find out more at Wikispaces here.

My five recommendations are

1. Dervish - described as the online diary of a Muslim who seeks the light of the Beloved Creator wherever it may shine. Yasmin is a woman, wife, mother, feminist, pluralist, sixth-generation Australian, Muslim convert, raised Baha'i, serious student of religion, academic, sci-fi fan, avid reader, webpage designer, Melbournian, coffee drinker, and generally happy person.

2. My Life is a movie I haven’t yet watched - I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her... no, wait.., that's Julia Roberts in Notting Hill. I'm a Belfast poet, living with another very talented poet, trying to be creative as possible. Stuggling artist? Not really, just doing it for the love of the game. But if there's anyone out there who wants to give me a publishing deal, then... hey, wait... come back...

3. My Best Gadgets - Hello, my name is Joe. I am the editor of MyBestGadgets.com. This website started out as a personal blog containing reviews of the cool gadgets I purchased. I decided to open it up to the community.

4. Not So Clever - mysterious meanderings about meaningful things from Dublin.

5. Google Sightseeing - Google Sightseeing is brought to you by Alex, James & Olly who take you to the best tourist spots in the world via satellite images from Google Maps & Google Earth.

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