Wednesday, May 11, 2005

the smoking ban is a bollox2 even nature is against us


IT would appear that even the birds are against us tortured and much put upon smokers in Ireland. Not content with kicking us our in the cold, rain, wind and storm, it would now appear that outside doesn't work either. Check out the story above which was featured in the Irish Independent today, May 11, where a bird has made its nest in the wall ashtray which many pubs are displaying now following the smoking ban.

But sure doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart to see all the hardened smokers soften at the sight of a little birdie!!!!


Mr. Outrageous Ebay Auctions said...

Beautiful Flower. Great Blog. Glad I found you surfing with blogexplosion.

Katy said...

Maybe the birds are taking up smoking because they can no longer smoke in their birdie pubs ;). Nice blog!

B said...

non-smoker here, but I've always felt that smokers were unfairly persecuted against. I don't understand how whole towns or cities can declare themselves smoke fact it kind of bugs me a bit!

frankthebunny said...

Wonder who's going to be the first to set birdy's house on fire ;-)

prying1 said...

So if the bird survives living in an ashtray will they soften the smoking ban a touch? I hardly think so. -

Love your blog. It must be the Irish accent. So sweet to my Californian ears. - (:-)