Friday, May 06, 2005

Jennifer Wilbanks - criminal or not?

FROM surfing around looking at everyone’s blogs, I came upon two sites talking about Jennifer Wilbanks and her disappearing act before her wedding. This was something that didn’t make it across the Atlantic and seems to have hit a newsnerve States side. So I looked up some of the news coverage and was astounded by how it seems to have caught the imagination of the American public.

However, looking at this on the blogs, I have been amazed at the passionate response from people to the case, either supporting or condeming runaway Jennifer. And I have found myself wondering, police searches aside and the upset of her families and friends who thought something dreadful had happened to her, is what happened worth the furore surrounding it?

People do mad and dreadful things to each other. People dump lovers over text messages, emails, phonecalls, some don’t even bother with those options even. People badmouth someone whom they previously loved and adored and people have been left at the altar in front of family and friends by a former partner.

I just think Jennifer panicked, it wasn’t nice for her fiance (to say the least) or her family, particularly when they thought something dreadful had happened to her. But I think it would be disgraceful if she was sent to jail for this, that would be shameful. Lets hope she gets some help, chills out, marrys her man (if its right for both of them), that his and her family forgive her and we resume trying to catch real criminals.

Jennifer Wilibanks, criminal? I think not, foolish, overwraught maybe, criminal definitely not.

Below is Jenifer Wilibank’s full statement issued May 5th statement issued Thursday by runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks, and read by her father's pastor, the Rev. Thomas Smiley:

At this time, I cannot explain fully what happened to me last week. I had a host of compelling issues which seemed out of control -- issues for which I was unable to address or confine. Please, may I assure you that my running away had nothing to do with "cold feet," nor was it ever about leaving John. Those who know me know how excited I've been, and how excited I was about the spectacular wedding we planned, and how I could not wait to be Mrs. John Mason.

In my mind, it was never about the timing, however unfortunate. I was simply running from myself and from certain fears controlling my life.

Each day I am understanding more about who I am and the issues that influenced me to respond inappropriately. Therefore, I have started professional treatment voluntarily.

I am truly sorry for the troubles I caused, and I offer my deep and sincere apology. I ask for John's forgiveness and that of his family. I also ask for forgiveness of my family, our friends, our respective churches, our communities, and any others I may have offended unintentionally.

I am deeply grateful and appreciative to everyone who responded on my behalf. I thank you for every expression of support and effort. Your sacrifices of time and personal inconvenience touched me deeply, and I hope your spirit of care is not lessened.

I understand that many people wanted to hear from me personally today, and I wanted to be here. However, I look forward to days ahead when I am strong enough to speak for myself.

As John said on countless occasions recently, may we follow the teaching of Scripture, in being kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving, just as God in Christ forgives us. Thank you.


Bride to be!!!!?


Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Funny thing. I came acrosse a blog last night as I was surfing , it was the blog of a physican. He recalled a story from his past , it was longish but the gest of it was that he had missed the obvious signs of hyperthyroidism in someone he saw everyday due to the fact that he assumed the person was being treated because she looked so " graves disease". It seems there is some commotion in the medical community alluding to the fact that this women looks very hyperthyroid, and if so and untreated some of the eratic behavior could be explained.

Robert Jimenez said...

Thank you for this very detailed analogy of this case. I agree that she should not necessarily hold criminal responsibility in her running off, however she should be held liable for lying to the police, since that is a crime.

Good post!

Bloghead said...

Soon, she'll be writing a tell-it-all book. Sell it for millions and get a life somewhere in the bahamas.

Jack Burden said...

This is just another example of American hype, that amazing, all consuming beast of media that siezes on anything, ANYTHING, that will sell papers or airtime, and runs with it.

In America, the coverage of a story is not based on any value other than how fast people gobble it up. For example - somewhere between $100 million and $300 million of American aid to Iraq has just disappeared. Poof. But no one's talking about that, even though the implications are huge.

I would prefer to think that this is the result of a vast conspiracy, that those who do things like steal $100-300 million in foreign aid are also manipulating the media.

But the sad fact is that this is the kind of crap people get caught up in because it feeds some kind of mental junk food habit. Personally, I think if people in this country could LEARN HOW TO READ A BOOK, then we wouldn't get so wrapped up in crap like this.

teddy makwa said...

Red Mum- thanks for the advice. I tried written down all that info one time but ya know how it I think i got all the main ones anyway,i hope. The rest i can re-apply agin. First thing i noticed about that Jen Wilbanks were her

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Anonymous said...

Recent development, including Jennifer selling her rights for a potential movie deal and describing the incident as the best mistake she ever made make it rather difficult to sympathise with her. While she may have had personal issues, it must be recognised that the time and resources spent by police on this case could have been used to help genuine victims.

Red Mum said...

Yup it is outrageous that she should make money after wasting so much money.

It also kinda pokes her family, fiance and his family in the eye after all the worry etc...