Friday, May 13, 2005

bloody wasps

I HAVE lived in my flat for many, many years and each summer I am besieged by flies (yeuck) and wasps (the flying stinging kind) because my living room is one the first floor under a beautiful tree. However the tree attracts all manners of flying insects, which come in through my window, particularly wasps. I HATE wasps.


"there must be some way outta here..."

Then to top it all, a neighbour build a large extension a couple of years ago and following an invasion of wasps last year, I discovered a wasps nest in their extension’s guttering, right outside my bedroom window and within two-feet of my bed. Unfortunately the neighbours have moved and the place is being rented now by people who have little English and I just do not fancy the idea of knocking on the door and trying to explain the wasps nest. I’d probably have to bring them into my flat, into my bedroom and show them. My bedroom is a mess… So it isn’t really an option. I’ll just have to spend the summer with the windows closed…


"let me out..."

We got our doggy a year ago and she has managed to caught some and I am petrified she will get stung in the mouth. Last night I caught her sniffing around my table and when I looked there was a wasp, bold as brass, strutting about. So I scooped it into a glass where it still is – that’ll teach it.


"I'm watching you...."


wizo said...

Aw that's cruel! I hate wasps too but let it out!

dorna! said...

You're gonna have to get someone to smoke 'em out and remove the nests.

Jack Burden said...

There are actually some sprays that work well against nests. They have a really long range, and from your description, it would be easy to get the nest from your bedroom window. You can knock out a whole nest with this kind of spray. Check with your local hardware store.

prying1 said...

Best bet is after sunset & just before total darkness. They are most inactive then. If you can spray the nest from out your window a lot of stuff in your kitchen will work. Straight Clorine Bleach might cause the nest to fall apart. Blast it with hairspray and a candle.

Sapphire's Soul said...

LOL - "blast it with hairspray and a candle"? And say what, exactly, when the neighbor's house catches fire!?!

Most wasp and hornet killers have at least a 12-foot spray range. After you spray the nest a few times, they tend to get the hint and make a nest elsewhere.