Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Irish Blog Awards - Photowalking tour

Photo meet

Just to keep you reminded about this weekend's photowalking tour. In order to facilitate as many people as possible bearing in mind all the different events that are taking place on Saturday, I am suggesting that we meet at noon at the Spire and we can take things from there.

We'll make our way to the docklands area and see what we can see/snap. Things will then be wrapped up around 3pm giving people time to get to the other pre-awards events.

If you think you might be late for the noon start drop me an email and we can arrange for you to catch up with us somewhere along the way. If you can think of any photo games we can play, feel free to shout them out and Elly may or may not have something for us to do too.

There is a Facebook event which you can use to invite anyone you think might be interested and it has been mentioned in a couple of the different Irish Flickr groups.

Okay I think thats everything, drop a comment if you think of something else; so to wrap up:

What: Photowalking tour

Where: Meet at the Spire, then walk to the docklands

When: Saturday, March 1st, 12noon - 3pm

Who: Anyone from camera phones to mega-feck off cameras, you just should want to take photographs.

See you then :)


Ken McGuire said...

Gonna have to pull out of this one! Though I'll have a camera or two with me on the night as well. Can't get out of Kilkenny until 1pm so there'll be no photo walkabout for Ken :(

Photos and beer in the Alexander though :)

Red Mum said...

Sorry to hear you are missing out but we'll organise something again in the future. See you on the night ;)

Eoin O'Mahony said...

Will try to get there for noon. Bog day Saturday: meeting bloggers and flickrers too.

Anonymous said...

Myself and Andy ( will be there! Look out for us.