Thursday, December 20, 2007

Google image labeler

I first spotted Google Image labeller on TCAL (don't you just miss tcal) and forgot about it until it was mentioned recently by Mark on Boing Boing. Mark made me laugh with some of his comments about having fun slagging off your partner with the labels, I've done it myself. The funny thing about it all is that you can have this one-way conversation with someone who won't see the comments until the end of the game so they can't respond.

I saved some of the funnier comments on some of the games I've played and here they are.

what on earth
I presume this was a young fella...

google image labellers 3
Yup it is definitely a 'thing'

google image labellers 2
Being able to spell helps, being nice would also help.

google labellers 5
I laughed at the 'erm' in this one.

bad spelling google labellers
Again being able to spell would help and when you have the word printed there is no excuse for spelling it wrong, aside from dyslexia of course.

google labeller 5
Paris Hilton...

google labeller 4
Some people get very creative.

google labeler 3

google labeller 2
I laughed at the 'sorry i suck' comment.

Google labeller 1
Yup know that feeling...


Stephen Barnes said...

S: I hate you. It's all your fault. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have wasted hours on Google Image Labler. I'm now addicted and I can't stop! I'm going to lose my friends, my marriage will go pop and I'll never venture outside ever again. HELP!

Red Mum said...

Ha, its kinda addictive indeed. I had a mad one the other day where someone was calling me a 'f*cking r*tard' and all sorts of insults because we were not matching on words, trouble was his/her spelling made it impossible!

Anonymous said...

hahah brilliant, I can't stop playing it now!