Thursday, December 20, 2007

Some [old] pics

THE house move has uncovered lots of pics from years ago that I forgot I had even taken so expect more older non-digital photography over the next while. The amount of negatives I have isn't funny and at some stage I will need to get into a darkroom to document them properly. Course I was bold the first time around and didn't do contact sheets all the time and I regret that now. But sure. Some day they will all be sorted and filed away appropriately.

Now on to the pics. The first two were taken in Belfast (at the same time as this pic) 10 years ago. I love the stance of the guy with the hurly and guy lying on the wall behind him. The last one is Martin Stephenson whom I have loved since I was a teenager and I was fortunate enough to meet him and share a couple of pints and he is as lovely as his music is great. it was taken during one of his gigs in Whelans about 11 years ago, Jaysus where does the time fly to?.

Cuchulain - the Hound of Ulster

The lads

Martin Stephenson with Gypsy Dave - not the Daintees

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