Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Science Week - the Rubiks Cube

As part of Science Week loads of people, urged by Mr Mulley, are blogging about their favourite invention from their childhood, and maybe something better will come to me but for the moment all I can think of is the rubik cube.

The rubik cube completely caught our imagination in teh 1970s. We were all doing it and we all knew people who could do it, some of whom would try to show you their technic but it never worked for me I'm afraid.

I could get one side and that was it.

I even entered a fancy dress competition one year dressed as a rubik cube in Butlins, in a costume I made over a couple of days with the saying 'I may be a rubik but i am no square' and was beaten by someone in brown cords, a brown jumper with a sign saying 'I am from the planet of the apes'. Poo to that, if it had been the sign they had the year before I would understand as that was 'special branch' with all manner of twigs on them.

But I didn't win (more on the link), big ahhhhh.

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cork-host said...

If it's any help, they seem to be coming back... There is going to be an "Allspark" version of the cube released bacause of the Transformers movie.

It might look really cool (and impossible to play with)