Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Beam me up Scotty

My last post for Science Week was hastily cogged together at 11:51pm last night to get it in for the midnight deadline and it ended up a bit pants, no real explanation in it and I didn't get to write what I wanted to at all and what I did write was a bit disjointed so I am starting this earlier with the hope of putting more effort into it.

Today's title
is an invention you would like to see in the future. So what would I like to see? All the thoughts I have seem to be massively inspired by Star Trek, hopefully there is no rule against that.

I thought what about a food replicator, it could solve world hunger, but I keep leaning towards a teleporter. Can you imagine the possibilities? No carbon footprints, no waiting in airports, no long hours travelling, just instant arriving.

Course the benefits are infinite, doctors could be anywhere in the world for emergencies in no time at all, days off could involve popping to say Egypt to see the pyramids in the morning, to the Ritz in London for afternoon tea and then off to the States to snap sunset in the Grand Canyon. It could make worldwide travel financially accessible for everyone. Course it is not all about people being moved instantly from one location to another, items would also be moved, it could bring a whole new meaning to the term mobile home.

So in the future I want a teleporter :)

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