Sunday, February 08, 2009

Parmesan Chicken

I HAD Ellybabes over last night for dinner and I made this chicken dish (just the chicken part mind you) from Smitten Kitchen and lovely it was too.

But seeing as how my week was mad and seeing as how I was babysitting from early on Saturday I didn't get to the shop and sent the Young Wan to the supermarket for the necessaries. And I wrote her a list too, but she seems to have an aversion to lists, always has done.

The amount of times I have discovered the long-listed note after she has left for the shop. Or indeed the amount of times she has come back, minus the note, and minus most of the main items and many additional new ones, I have lost count on both of those.

Even though this happens more than I'd like you would think that I would've learned by now, never mind herself. And once again over the weekend, she was sent to the supermarket with a list that I had put together over a while in between cleaning. One of the main ingredients was Parmesan, a small wedge, not flakes, not the one you get in a container; a small wedge of Parmesan.

So she phones from the supermarket and has forgotten the note, course at this stage so have I, all I can remember is Parmesan and eggs. Luckily the Young Wan remembers the bread crumbs but forgets, despite it being on the list and despite being told on the phone, the Parmesan.

Now she was in a rush to get out to the cinema but had been warned on the phone that if she forgot something that I needed she would have to go back out to get it, I was babysitting with no pram so I couldn't run up later.

When I realised there was no Parmesan, a vital ingredient in Parmesan chicken, she was told she would have to go back up; her face dropped.

"Do you need it?, she asked.

"Yes I need Parmesan for Parmesan chicken."

*penny drops followed by a big sigh* "Can you not make cheddar chicken, we have lots of cheddar?

"Nope, you'll have to run quickly."

So she did, and came back with those flakes which aside from being a waste of money in comparison to getting a small block, are harder to break down into smaller pieces. But better than nothing.

I would definitely recommend the Smitten Kitchen chicken recipe. You do need to have your frying pan sizzling hot, which was hard on an electric cooker, but it was lovely and well worth doing.


Anonymous said...

Well it is all her own fault... It's not like it's all that hard to find the right kind of Parmesan in Tesco.

I'm presuming she was sent to Tesco?

Red Mum said...

Apparently, so she says, there was no Pamesan in Tesco, I have my doubts, but then the stock can be pants there, so it wouldn;t be that unusual.

In terms of being resent to the shop her own fault completely for not bringing the note. but she will not learn from that, not having being doing this for years!

Anonymous said...

Really? I never remember being any stock issues when it came to Parmesan in Tesco Blanchardsown, or even our local Eurospar in Dunboyne!

Young teenagers these days, full of excuses...

Red Mum said...

LOL @TheChrisD I'm tellin ya! In most cases, and I say most, I am able to decipher when she is chancing her arm.

Anonymous said...

And may I just say, dinner was gorgeous and paired with a delightful pinot grigio! :-)

Red Mum said...

Why Elly you may :)