Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can't pic...

I LOVE it when my goddaughter comes over, I have a ready-made and accessible model. Sometimes our photographic sessions veer between running away from my camera to doing the awful, strained CHEEESEEE smiles most overly photographed kids adopt at some stage (the Young Wan adopted it later but hey film is more expensive). This little lady started it early, but I suppose seeing as how there are just short of probably about 1000 pics of her on Flickr and she's two and half what should I expect.

But she was brilliant over the weekend, 'stand there', hold it there', 'can you hold that up', 'don't move' (well that worked more than it didn't) and she mostly did it all. So all that running around, chasing the dog, painting, dusting (she is a great cleaner), eating, playing, shouting, dancing and singing resulted in one tired out little girl by mid-afternoon. So what do I do? Why lean over her and take more pics. I cannot decide which is my favourite here.

I love the black and white version, I really like the tonal qualities of the image, I love the muted colour version, it feels rich and luxurious and I love the full colour version which according to her Ma is full of blues which makes her eyes pop out. So I am posting them all. Bear in mind there is a hint of camera shake as I was hand holding the camera, and the only light was from a segment of light coming in the open living room door, as we were trying to get her to sleep we closed the curtains. Course in the middle of the pic, the doggie sat down beside her blocking all the light, one pushed away doggy later here are the results.

Ella B&W

Ella subbed

Not asleepin


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shot, she has beautfil eyes! Love the way the light falls. My fave is the middle one - the desaturation gives the pic a timesless quality, but her eyes still pop.

Anonymous said...

I love them all but then I'm biased.

The Ma

Anonymous said...

well, the pic is great, i like it!

Anonymous said...

So great to see the three, and the middle one is my favourite. There's something fairytale-storybook about it.

Red Mum said...

@nathalie the middle is my fav too I have to say.

@the ma - nah not biased shes a wee beauty.

@letsbeauty thanks

@coastal aussie i think it beats the others hands down.