Tuesday, February 10, 2009

By the scruff of the... 365

EVERY morning the next door's cat drives the doggie nuts with her/his miaowing. Over the year we have been here I have taken loads of pics of this cat as it sits looking arrogantly at me saying 'yeah I was in your yarden at your rubbish And...'

I believe it this creature that nearly impaled itself going over my yarden wall when it decided to jump onto my plastic greenhouse ripping it and landing on my stick-supported tomato plants, what a lovely sight that would have been to get up to in the morning.

Anyway it bothers the doggie who is not at all happy to be so close yet so far to the cat and when she hears it miaowing to get in in the morning the doggie goes nuts. This morning I was alerted by the frantic barking that the cat wanted in. Its a fully grown cat and the next door neighbour grabs it by the scruff off the wall and hauls it in. Normally all I see it the top of his had and his hand. I caught it sort of this morning, I say sort of because the actual pic of it being pulled in is once again shaky. Still it makes me laugh.





Anonymous said...

Love those photos - a case of where cat is not currently the boss in that house!

The Sexy Pedestrian said...

Ha! Brilliant. Your neighbour might want to get an engineer in before that roof caves right in... the cat will be the least of his worries!

Anonymous said...

Love these shots. The hand seems to come from nowhere. :-)

Red Mum said...

I know Maman Poulet it sits and waits to be scruffed down.

@Sexy Pedestrian, I think the back bit is completely open to the elements.

@Anthony McG thats what I loved about the first pic.

Anonymous said...

Red Mum - is this some sort of analogy for current political / economic events?!

Red Mum said...

@tom it could be if the cat is dropped and lands hard on its head :)

Liz said...

Red Mum - hi - the photos are hilarious...got to love that last one of the puss by scruff of neck...he seems to not mind so much though!

Nice discovery, your blog. : )

Red Mum said...

I know, the cat must be old cos it waits for him to be carried in and ocassionally resorts to jumping down itself when he doesnt come out.

Thanks for stopping by :)