Thursday, December 25, 2008

On meeting Santa

DID I ever tell you all about the time I met Santa?

Well it was a couple of years ago and I was struggling home with some Christmas shopping when I flagged a taxi and it was Santa driving, seriously Santa was driving the taxi.

I kept doing a double-take, he was uncannily Santa and as it was Christmas time I couldn't help but say that it must be a very busy time of year for him and he laughed heartily. From his snow white hair to his magnificent Santa beard, this man was the best Santa I had and have ever seen, think Richard Attenborough Miracle on 34th Street Santa and you are getting close.

So we had the craic and he told me how his nickname is Santa and how Christmas is indeed busy for him as he does many Santa outings and how on Stephen's Day when him and Mrs Claus go for a Christmas drink all his mates get him a seat and line up a load of drinks in front of him saying 'you must be bleedin knackered'.

As he drove me home we chatted away. When we reached my house I paid him, grabbed all my bags he said 'Happy Christmas and may all your dreams come true' stopping me in my tracks. It felt like a moment from a movie when the adult realises that Santa is real, fairy dust has been sprinkled over everything and who knows what could happen.

Once I went inside the fairy dust was gone and I had a little laugh to myself but its funny I have never seen him again. After all you do sometimes come across the same taxi driver, theres one guy I have gotten twice and not since and both times, a year apart, I flagged him down at Phibsboro crossroads at about 6.30am going to the airport but I have never met Santa again. (You can start with the Twilight Zone music right about now.) :) I suppose he is very busy this time of year.

So Happy Christmas everyone, I sincerely wish you all a wonderful time with your family and friends, and may all your dreams come true (sprinkles some fairy dust). More soon. (PS thanks to Claire for the excellent templates.)

Happy Christmas everyone (with a tree theme)


Audrey said...

what a a magical post. Reading this aloud to my mother-in-law on Christmas evening tears overwhelmed me. Daft but thank you.

laura said...

If you had made a note of his taxi plate number, you might have been able to track him down. If it is a different driver, then, yes, you met Santa. :-)

Manuel said...

ha! love it.......hope you had a great one.....

Red Mum said...

@Audrey thanks darling :)

@Laura I'm telling you, it was Santa :)

@Manuel we did have a great one, hope you did too :)

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how he keeps tabs on all the children at Christmas time... this makes perfect sense - he drives taxis! Brilliant ruse.