Saturday, September 13, 2008

Women bloggers in the Irish Times

I'VE had a swell of visitors today thanks to the article in today's Irish Times magazine on women bloggers written by Aisling from If you have come here via the Times thank for taking the time to stop by, course however you've stopped by thanks as well :)

Do check the article out if you haven't seen it, there's lots of great recommendations to some great blogs. And thanks again to de girdles at Beautie for a great afternoon out, Aisling for including me and the other participants for a great afternoon of wonderful company. Oh and thanks to the photographer Brenda for taking great pics.


Grannymar said...

It was great fun?

Manuel said...

well done you!

laura said...

It's good to see an article about female bloggers in the Irish Times, but to be fair, it's complete nonsense to say there were no Irish female bloggers before two years ago. Two years ago is 2006, right? It's many a year (2002) since I came across my first Irish bloggers. Shock, some of them were even female. :-)

nanny said...

well done,delighted that you are in the times,andgreat for all women bloggers,again congratulations.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece in The Times.
Red Mum you looked fabulous. It's great that we can now put a face to the bloggers we've read on a daily basis for years now. I'm sure the young wan is proud.


Anonymous said...

A great article Red Mum! You all looked wonderful. It's nice to see a mainstream paper acknowledging the writings of bloggers. So true about bloggers being the first with the stories (dublin riots). I'm sure the young wan is very pleased. Who would have thought that when you started out when you did you'd end up in the Irish Times!

Red Mum said...

@grannymar it was a fun day :)

@Manuel ah thanks, but it probably should be well done Aisling from

@Laura it is good to see articles like that, and I agree with what you say. But I don't think Aisling meant there were none, just that there are lots and lots now, which of course is great :)

@Nanny :)

@Dennis why thank you kindly :)

@Michael not me!

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments :) They are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

A very interesting article. I've never read any blogs before but after reading the article, I checked into your site. A very witty and well put together blog, it is too. And the wonderful photos were a bonus too. Maybe you should set up another photographic blog in addition to your redmum site?
Melanie, Killiney.

Dervla said...

Congrats Red Mum. Great article and lovely to see bloggers being featured so prominently. Well done :-)

Red Mum said...

Thanks Dervla :)