Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bloody oh la la

I JUST got a text from the Young Wan which says (and I quote exactly):

"Im got picked 4 france.! =D =D YAY"

Mmm Im got delighted for her!.

Wonder where she's going to find the €500 for this exchange trip. It is something we have discussed in theory where we agree she should take part in this exchange trip, however we never discussed money until last night when she was telling me she was surprised it was €500 as she thought it would be more... Jaysus they are very good with others money.

So even if the money is found between now and the dealdine which I suspect maybe sooner rather than later, she may sort out her bedroom as you wouldn't voluntarily make anyone go in there, never mind stay.


jothemama said...

I'm thinking I need to sort out Credit Union accounts for my two weenies sooner rather than later.

I recently counted the money in my 5 year old's piggy bank and she had SEVENTYFIVE EURO. I don't have €75 in my bank account at the moment.

She's also got a PO account with a couple hundred in baby gifts in: my poor ignored secondborn has so far accrued the princely sum of
€25. Poor kid.

Still, I'm thinking a fiver a week or thereabouts, out of their child allowance, which they can take over at some point. And thwycan have it when they're getting married/buying a car/going to college/French exchanges etc.

Some day soon when I can spare a fiver a week, I'm planning to do that.

Red Mum said...

@jothemomma well done on starting the post office account early. it was always something that was in my 'to do' sooner rather than later. While she has a bank account there's only about 20 quid in it.

I always meant to put aside a few quid each week, for a long time there wasn't anything spare. And now I am looking college in the face and thinking 'feck'.

Do you know what though even a fiver a month builds up over years!