Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Some taster pics from Galway

THIS LOT are only the tip of the iceberg but here are just some of the pics that I have managed to go through. There will be lots more coming soon.


My first real attempt at shooting in RAW. I'll definitely be making the switch when I get more memory cards.

Fun in the eh... sun!

Fun in the eh... sun!

Candle light


d@\/ e said...

That top pic is awesome as the Americans say.

Nolene said...

Lovely set of images there. I must check your pictures out on flickr.

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Red Mum said...

Thanks D@\/e I am still working through how much darker pics processed on my mac look on PCs, but sure. I was delighted to capture this of my pal and her two sons. What made me laugh even more is the little fella at the top of the pic is having a pee in the sea.

Thanks Nolene

Anonymous said...

I say awesome sometimes, and i'd like to add that those are awesome! :)