Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Slow but sure

I AM slowly but surely getting on top of all my back log of emails, comments and all sorts having been away from the web last week while in Spiddal staying with pals. And I say slowly, I have still Scotland pics to go through as well as hundreds from Galway. It is a slow process but what can you do, I have also been hindered by a dodgy internet connection at home but hopefully over the next week I can clear all the back pics and clear my conscience at the same time. It is ridiculous but I feel guilty moving onto a later batch of pics with previous ones to still go through.

Anyway here's a few thoughts for the week:

The cost of herself going back to school was €600 approximately including a whopping €90 for a homework diary and the use of a school locker for the year. Most of the lockers are broken and don't lock. A new locker for two students costs as little as €126 as pointed out to me by Marian on Twitter. I don't think the school will go for me buying her a brand new one instead! But that cost is ridiculous.

It has been announced that the pregnant 17-year-old daughter of Sarah Palin is to marry the father. Being mum to a 16-year-old I can only think 'WHAT'. Is getting married the answer? I suppose not unless the question is 'would you like to be a divorcee by the time you are 19?

Maman Poulet has put on her investigation hat again... Disgraceful.

Thats it for now, I feel guilty posting here while I have still so many pics to go through. But what can you do.


The Bad Ambassador said...


The locker would want to have been made by (or of) Jesus for that kind of money!

JL Pagano said...

I presume the "disgraceful" refers to what she's investigating, not MP herself.... ;-)

Welcome back.

Red Mum said...

@the bad ambassador LOL

@JL Pagano but of course it does ;)

JC Skinner said...

My back to school bill is running into four figures and still counting. ;-(
Free education for all? Not in this effing country!