Friday, August 15, 2008

Something for the weekend

I SAID in the last post I have a lot of things to catch up on and unfortunately I still do. Hopefully with some time off work I can begin to catch up. In the meantime here's another couple of pics from our Highlands trip with more to come soon.

Isle of Skye


Isle of Skye




John Braine said...

They're great. I love the phonebox one. Some great symmetry with all the curves - almost looks like there's a reflection of the mountain.

Phil said...

great photos. i love the bottom one, the curvature on the horizon is awesome.

Deborah said...

Stunning. The second last one looks like a postcard for a tropical island. Just beautiful!

Red Mum said...

@john we loved the phonebox cos it was literally in the middle of nowhere and stood out wildly in the landscape

@Phil thanks the scenery was amazing

@Deborah ha unfortunately it was far from tropical, raincoats all the way. But every now and again there would be a break in teh clouds.